Price Guide


     A fully fitted kitchen nowadays can cost anything from £8,000 from the lower end of the

market to 'sky’s the limit'Price compare main click pic.

As every Evolution Kitchen & Granite project is made to your individual tastes and is unique to your home, we have not put on an average price guide for 8, 12 or 16 units in each kitchen range.

If you individualize your kitchen, these averages go out the window. 

In today's design image, customers like to combine finishes of doors & worktops to complete their kitchen style. As each component is priced differently, we see this as an unfair representation. Simply by changing the door can effect the cost as well as worktop material and colour.

  • Price_guide1_QUERCUS_PAINTED_OAK
  • Price_guide3_LIFTON_MULBERRY
  • Price_guide4_INTEGRA_CREME
  • Price_guide5_TRULY_BESPOKE
  • Price_Guide6_RIDGLEY_PAINTED

The above price guides are only guidelines as anything & everything can be changed.....

These more lavish designs all contain solid worktops and high spec appliances. Not only will this give you an insight

to our design capabilities, but also a complete cost of that kitchen.

Each kitchen has a 'What's Included' breakdown of all the furniture, appliances and worktop within that design.

Furthermore, there is a 'What's the Cost' breakdown, giving the prices for all the sections listed in the kitchen.

Our free book a designer, designer visit or online consultation allows us to give you a real price for a real kitchen.