Measuring Up Your Room


A Simple Guide to Measuring Your Room A


You may be phased by the task of drawing out your kitchen room plan but with our help it will take no 

time at all. Follow our step by step guide and you won't miss a thing.

  • Enlist the help of a friend to hold the tape measure to ensure accurate measurements.
  • Draw out the shape of your kitchen on a piece of paper or download our scale paper.
  • Measure the exterior walls and annotate all measurements on your plan.
  • Draw doorways on your layout with measurements, including the measurements showing their location. Don't forget the side the door is hung and if the door swings in or out.
  • Repeat with the windows but we will also require their height from the floor.
  • Annotate all services to the room e.g. the waste for the sink, gas or electric cooker point, any electric points / light switches and any stop tap and service meters.
  • Is your boiler located in your kitchen? If it is, have a think if you would like it boxed in... Because if so, we not only need its location but also its dimensions.
  • Lastly any radiators, any pipe work or anything else that will effect the design and layout of your kitchen.


Hopefully your plan should now look like this...

You can now scan/email, fax or post your plan to us along with your kitchen & worktop requirements.

Within a few days, we will email you some colour 3d layouts of a proposed kitchen plan. We will only supply a quote when you are fully happy with your new kitchen layout.

If you have any problems at all please contact us and we can help.